What We Believe

It’s not about us, it’s about you – your family, your money and the comfort of knowing you’re in good financial health. We help you understand that the
future you want for you and your family is possible, and how to get there.

Many financial advisors believe that you can throw a bunch of investments together and call it a “plan”. But that’s traditional thinking, which needs an upgrade. Investments are not a plan, but instead part of it, and a plan is not a one-time event. Your financial plan is an evolving, ever-changing path that adjusts and course-corrects as you live your life.

And the investments part of the plan? We challenge conventions with scientific methodologies and forward-thinking expertise, giving us the ability to confidently guide you to your purposeful financial future.

Almost 50 years ago, our founder Jack Burney prioritized clarity, integrity and accountability and made them integral to the fabric of our organization so that every client would receive the  best the profession has to offer. At Burney Wealth, these traits permeate our culture and philosophy and drive our purpose.

Our Services

Financial Planning

We believe in balancing the tried-and-true with forward-thinking, and we work to uncover new opportunities to build and protect your wealth.

Investment Management

Crafting and maintaining the right investment strategy based on realistic return expectations is essential in securing your financial future.

Retirement Solutions

We believe in living ahead — laying the groundwork today so that you can enter into retirement knowing that you and your family can enjoy the retirement you envision.

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A brighter tomorrow begins today.

Do you want a financial future that makes sense? Building a plan that helps you realize your financial goals requires the expertise and creative intelligence of a sophisticated wealth management firm.

We believe that to live well, you need to live ahead. Let us show you how.


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