A young, married couple accumulating earnings with two kids came to us with three questions:

  • Are we on track for an early retirement?
  • Do we have enough set aside to fund our children’s education?
  • Will our family be protected in the event of premature death?
Financial Security


Our planning process went beyond the investments to help uncover that the couple was significantly underinsured and paying too much for current life insurance policies. We made the following changes:

  • Replaced the old life insurance policy with a less costly policy at five times the coverage.
  • Adjusted a savings plan across accounts to better track goals.
  • Identified an estate planning attorney through their employer network.
  • Made sure the proper documentation was in place to protect the young family.
  • Provided financial information to the estate attorney to save legal costs.
  • Designed and implemented a new investment strategy to achieve their goals, optimized for their unique risk tolerance and financial situation.

Case Studies

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