A successful working couple held no debt, saved diligently and thought they were doing “all the right things.” The wife worked as a government consultant and the husband had carved out a distinguished career at a large tech company.

Our experts assessed their investment portfolio and found the following areas of concern:

  • Significant cash holdings across many brokerage accounts.
  • Assets spread across various custodians, each with different, unrelated investment strategies.
  • Followed no cohesive investment plan.


The Burney Wealth team worked closely with them to streamline their financial picture and create tax savings opportunities by:

  • Increasing annual tax savings by $25K+ through a new retirement savings vehicle
  • Generating additional tax savings by increasing contributions to company retirement accounts.
  • Setting up an education savings plan to more efficiently pay their child’s college tuition.
  • Implementing an investment plan so all investments “pulled in the same direction.”
  • Reducing overlap across existing accounts.
  • Quantifying the long-term risk of holding a large cash position.
  • Estimating a reasonable dollar amount for an emergency cash reserve that was significantly lower than the current cash holdings.
  • Redeploying the excess cash into the investment plan.

Case Studies

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