A retiree looking forward to many more years came to us with the following questions:

  • Are there other investment options available apart from conservative portfolios based solely on my age?
  • Can you educate me on my options while also rendering recommendations unique to my personal situation?
  • Can I fulfill my ultimate goal of leaving $1 million to each of my two kids upon my passing?
Burney Wealth Management


The Burney Wealth team recommended a portfolio that factored in the retiree’s age but also the unique risk tolerance, financial situation and goals of the client. The plan:

  • Accounted for the client’s risk capacity, other sources of income and spending habits.
  • Looked at the complete financial picture.
  • Was not driven simply by age-based rules of thumb.
  • Provided retirement security.
  • Ended up more growth-oriented than the typical retiree given the long time frame remaining in retirement and ambitious goal to leave money to the children.

Case Studies

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