Achieving financial security


A young, married couple accumulating earnings with two kids


The couple contacted Burney Wealth Management and asked us their three burning questions:

  1. Are we on track for early retirement?
  2. Do we have enough set aside to fund our children's education?
  3. Will our family be protected in the event either of us dies prematurely?

Here's how our financial advisors helped the couple to achieve financial security

Our financial planning process went beyond their investments to help align their actions with their long-term financial plan, while also saving them on insurance premiums. We helped them make the following changes:

  1. We quantified how much coverage they actually needed and replaced their old life insurance policies with less costly policies that provided them five times the insurance coverage.
  2. We spent considerable time reviewing their monthly cash flow and implemented a new, systematic savings plan across all their accounts to better track their goals and increase tax savings.
  3. Our certified financial planning team helped them to update their wills and estate planning documents by identifying an estate planning attorney through their employer network—a benefit they were unaware of until we reviewed their overall benefits package with them.
  4. Designed and implemented a new investment strategy—including alternative investments—that was more tax-efficient, and optimized for their unique risk tolerance and financial situation.

Take the first step to optimize your finances by downloading our financial planning checklist (PDF)