Optimizing investments


A successful working couple held no debt, saved diligently, and assumed they were doing 'all the right things' to improve their finances.

Occupation: The wife worked as a government consultant, and the husband had carved out a distinguished career at a large tech company.


When they approached Burney Wealth Management to optimize their finances, our experts assessed their overall financial situation and identified the following areas of concern:

  1. They had way too much of their wealth tied up in cash—above and beyond their emergency funds. 
  2. Their assets were spread across various financial institutions, each with a different, unrelated investment with no cohesive strategy.
  3. The couple's current advisor was not proactively presenting them with tax savings opportunities, and they seemed to be paying too much in taxes. 

Here's how we resolved the challenges

The Burney Wealth team worked closely with the couple to optimize their finances and create tax savings opportunities for them by:

  1. Implementing a new retirement savings vehicle that resulted in annual tax savings of over $40K. 
  2. Generating additional tax savings by increasing contributions to current company retirement accounts, which they did not know were available.
  3. Implementing a new investment plan so that all investments are "pulled in the same direction."
  4. Improving the tax efficiency of their current portfolio by adjusting the types of investments and the account types for the investments. 
  5. Mapping out a reasonable dollar amount for an emergency cash reserve that was significantly lower than their current cash holdings and investing the remainder according to the new cohesive financial plan. 

Take the first step to optimize your finances by downloading our financial planning checklist (PDF)