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Investment Management

Investment management with Burney Wealth Management

With Burney Wealth Management, you get a team including CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and CFA Charterholders with a five-decade track record of building forward-looking portfolios. Our investment advisors adhere to models combining our proprietary Size and Style Responsive (SSR) Equity Strategy with funds in the International, Fixed Income and Alternative space - incorporating research and expertise to maximize expected returns.

Rather than invest clients in index funds to satisfy their asset allocation, our team builds out asset allocation strategies aimed at maximizing risk-adjusted returns. With access to advanced planning, modeling, and investment tools, our fiduciaries (someone obligated to act in your best interest) ensure you stay ahead of any risks and opportunities.

Why use Burney’s investment planning approach?

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Size and Style Responsive  Equity Strategy

The Size and Style Responsive Strategy (SSR) is a proprietary investment strategy based on the Style Analysis principles of Nobel laureate, William Sharpe. He provided convincing evidence that size – large versus small market capitalization – and style – value versus growth – are the dominant variables in equity portfolio return - a discovery that created ample opportunities for savvy investors.

Size Cycle - Rolling 36-Month Return Differentials

The chart above depicts rolling three-year return differentials between small-cap and large-cap stocks since the 1920s. Returns above zero indicate periods where small-caps outperform large-caps; returns below indicate the reverse. Over the long run, small-cap stocks out-performed large-cap stocks. However, this return advantage is not consistent, as large-cap stocks periodically enjoy long periods (typically 3-6 years) of superior return.

Style Cycle: Rolling 12-Month Return Differentials

The chart above depicts rolling 12-month return differentials between value and growth stocks since 1979. Returns above zero indicate periods where value outperforms growth; returns below indicate the reverse. Over the long-term, value stocks delivered higher returns; however, cycles typically 18-30 months long periodically occur where the reverse is true. Burney’s proprietary SSR strategy strives to capture the opportunities available during both value and growth, and large and small market phases.

Personalized Portfolios

Our investment advisors know most clients cannot invest in cookie-cutter portfolios that do not take their personal situations into consideration. Some have workplace restrictions, limiting the companies in which they can invest. Some want to trust that their investments reflect their individual values. Whatever your restrictions, our skilled investment advisors will work with you to build personalized portfolios that satisfy your requirements.

Workplace Restrictions

Our investment advisors have years of experience managing portfolios for clients who work at public accounting, consulting and other firms with investment restrictions to avoid potential conflicts of interest. We will work closely with you and your firm’s compliance system to design and implement investment strategies that stay in compliance with these unique requirements.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing

In today’s day and age, many investors want to feel confident that their investment portfolio aligns with their own personal values. Investment strategies have been developed to incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance considerations.

While the body of research on this style of investing is growing, it is attractive for several reasons:

Our investment advisors build portfolios in accordance with our SSR Strategy, which incorporates ESG considerations.

U.S. Equities with Dividends

We generally take a total return approach to investing – that is, we aim to invest in a portfolio of stocks expected to generate higher returns independent of whether the underlying companies pay dividends. We acknowledge, however, that some investors prefer the comfort of dividends and others want their portfolio to produce income. If your preference is to invest in dividend paying companies, we offer our Size and Style Responsive Strategy (SSR) with an emphasis on dividend paying stocks.

Asset Allocation

Our firm has specialized in building U.S. Equity portfolios since 1974, but our asset allocation models include other asset classes, including International Developed Markets, Emerging Markets, REITs, Fixed Income and Alternatives. Crafting and maintaining the right investment strategy based on realistic return expectations is essential in securing your family’s financial future.

Most firms project the past forward to anticipate what will happen next, but blindly following convention is problematic when investment environments change. Our investment advisors adjust forecasted returns based on realistic expectations to accurately align your portfolio with your primary goals and objectives, ensuring you feel at peace about what’s to come.

We take special care to include asset classes with little to no correlation in order to maximize risk-adjusted returns. Fixed income, for example, is the asset class traditionally used to diversify the risk of investing in stocks, but bonds often see increased correlation with risk assets during times of financial distress and offer lower yields today than they did in the past. We believe an allocation to the right kinds of alternative investments will increase the benefits of diversification.

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