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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning for young and senior people

You have worked hard for many years saving for retirement. Your nest egg has an important purpose and deserves a thoughtful, customized plan.

Our experts help you quantify your goals and examine multiple retirement scenarios before crafting a retirement income plan that aligns with your needs.

TIP - It's never too early for retirement planning

Some of the reasons why retirement planning is used

Why our Retirement Planning Process is different?

You decide when and how to retire

You decide WHEN and HOW you want to retire - Many Americans take the convenient path to retirement planning and follow it or even copy what their parents, grandparents, and friends have done. We believe this leads to a less fulfilling retirement experience. Everyone is unique, with different financial puzzle pieces and life plans. The first step in planning is defining “life after work” on your own terms. It is our job to build a plan that aligns with your definition of retirement.

We lead with a plan that suits you

We lead with a plan that suits you - An issue many consumers have with financial advisors is the feeling of being “sold” something. Mutual funds, life insurance policies, and annuities are examples of the commission-paying products the advisory world throws at us as an excuse for retirement planning. We do not think it is appropriate to suggest any solutions or changes to your plan without educating you on your options.

We are mindful of taxes

We are mindful of taxes - Taxes are a crucial part of the retirement planning process and can impact your plan in several ways. Your tax situation influences things like the amount you pay in Medicare premiums, how much of your Social Security is taxed, what you pay in capital gains taxes, and the type of legacy you may wish to leave.

We help our retired clients manage their tax situation by adjusting where they pull their income from each year, changing how their portfolio is invested based on each account’s tax status, implementing strategic charitable giving strategies, and converting pre-tax funds to Roth when appropriate.

We don't "set and forget" our client's financial plans

We don't "set and forget" our client's financial plans - While constructing a detailed plan is a great start as well as a confidence booster, we realize plans can change. Whether it is a change in your goals, employment status, the tax code, or family dynamics, even the best plan is likely to get thrown off track somewhere along the way—this is why our advisors are frequently working with clients to review their plans and update them when appropriate.

Burney Wealth Management Retirement Checklist- Download

The Burney Retirement checklist will assess your current retirement plan if you are approaching retirement in the next 10 years.


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