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The Burney Advantage

Here are nine reasons why you should consider working with us. We might turn out to be a good fit for your needs.

We are mindful of taxes 

Taxes are a crucial part of the planning process that is often ignored. We help you manage your tax situation by adjusting where you save or withdraw money each year, fine-tuning how your portfolio is invested based on each account's tax status, implementing strategic charitable giving strategies, and converting pre-tax funds to Roth when optimal.
We will review your previous year's tax return and, when informed of changes, seek to identify possible tax savings opportunities.

We keep our eyes on the big picture

To us, every client is unique. You may approach us in the middle of a life event such as retirement, a job change, or the birth of a child. Either way, a good life doesn't plan itself. We are here to help you define and achieve actionable targets each step of the way. This is why we like to review financial plans with our clients every year.

We employ sophisticated investment strategies

Unfortunately, our industry is filled with advisors who recommend similar portfolios to dissimilar clients, all in the name of keeping things simple. We see many of the same investment vehicles (such as high-cost mutual funds) and asset allocation plans implemented by other advisors regardless of client circumstances. We do not believe in following the herd. We are not incentivized to "sell" a certain strategy or product for a commission. Each client portfolio is customized to match the personal financial plan and risk profile of the client.

We pursue educational credentials to expand our knowledge 

The financial services industry does not require stringent educational and licensing requirements before allowing someone to call themselves a financial advisor. Regardless, our team is committed to continuing education and gaining practical knowledge to improve our clients' lives. We are active students of the financial services industry who have worked hard alongside one another to earn the CFP® certification, CFA® Charter, Ph.D., and other professional designations and degrees. Our firm financially supports all continuing education for employees.

In 1974, we were one of the earlier fiduciaries

Fiduciary is a term that has recently been grabbing headlines in the financial media but is nothing new to us. In 1974, we became one of Virginia's first firms to register as an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor). RIAs owe a fiduciary duty to their clients which means that they must place their clients' interests ahead of their own.

You decide your financial goals

We understand no two clients are the same. Hence, we tailor each financial plan to your needs. We not only focus on the big picture, such as retirement, but also help you quantify the smaller decisions that add up over time. Whether it is the purchase of a new car, a job change, home remodel, or an expensive vacation, we will help you understand how those decisions impact your future and provide you peace of mind knowing you are making these decisions with the eye on the ultimate prize—financial independence.

We always lead with a plan

An issue many consumers have with financial advisors is the feeling of being "sold" something. We have been advising clients  professionally for many decades. We do not think it is appropriate to suggest any solutions or changes to what you already have until we have created your plan and informed you of your options.
Suggesting portfolio changes before a plan is put in place is counter-productive when done without understanding the total picture.

We limit the number of clients working with each advisor 

Many other advisors are compensated primarily on sales activity and transaction volume, which incentivizes them to continuously add clients even if they do not have the capacity to service them properly. Our advisory teams are limited to working with a manageable number of clients to deliver personalized service and be there when you need us.